Quality Assurance

Every brandMD® formulation is extensively researched and tested in all phases of development and manufacturing to ensure its quality, safety, and effectiveness. Rigorous product purity, integrity and performance testing is conducted by our inhouse chemists and dermatologist. brandMD products are stability tested at 45° Celsius for 90 days - to guarantee a two year product shelf - and monitored throughout the 90 day period to observe variations in color, odor, pH and viscosity. Additional test protocols include: ingredient evaluation, microbiology, toxicology review, product stability, RIPT (Repeat Insult Patch Test), SPF (Sun Protection Factor) and chemical ASSAY tests.


Our partnered manufacturing location is a secure, modern, 35,000 square foot industrial facility which has and continues to bring countless numbers of distinctive expertly crafted formulas and products to market, using state of the art machinery and strict adherence to GMP guidelines. brandMD® products are produced using stringent quality control procedures including testing production batches throughout the manufacturing process, with samples taken at the beginning, middle and end of each production run to ensure product purity and efficacy. Always cruelty free, no animals are ever used in the testing of brandMD products.