What is the minimum order? 

 The minimum opening order is 12 pieces per SKU. There are no minimum number of SKUS you must order.


What kind of product testing to you do?
Our testingcan be broken down in several parts.  First, we source our raw ingredient from very ethical, well-respected labs.  We have access to all their (non-animal) in vitro and in vivo testing on the ingredients--for sensitivity and effectiveness, and so on.  brandMD is an FDA licensed R & D and compound pharmacy facility.  Our test protocols include: ingredient evaluations, microbiology, toxicology review, product stability, RIPT (Repeat Insult Patch Test), SPF (Sun Protection Factor) and chemical ASSAY tests. 


Do you test on animals?
We test our products on human volunteers, not animals. In addition, we use vegetable-derived replacements for ingredients that are traditionally animal-based.


How do I choose what products to start with?
Your brandMD Account Representative will be glad to help you with this. We will ask you questions about your business and your clientele and make recommendations.


What is the average size of a starting line?
This is variable. Some of our clients are starting out and have tight budgets, others are well-established and carry a good portion of the line. When you’re launching your brand, having a basic regimen for each skin type including: cleanser, toner, moisturizer, serum and exfoliant, is advised. This will allow customers the ability to fully assess and sample your brand, and begin to build loyalty. As sales grow and higher margins provide more buying power, you can add on.


How long does the label design process take?
This is a highly variable process. If you have a logo ready to go in JPEG, TIFF or EPS format that we can plug into our existing label template using the standard design model, we can be ready to set up and print your labels in as little as 3 days.  If you have a more complex label design in mind or don’t have an available logo, the process can take longer. We will always do our best to set appropriate expectations and your account representative will ensure that the process moves forward as quickly as possible.


What about rush orders?
Due to the labeling required, we always recommend planning ahead so you'll have stock on hand. Nevertheless, emergencies do occur and if you let us know what you need we will do our best to fulfill your order.


Can I use my own packaging?
Our manufacturing machinery and label templates are all calibrated specifically for our packaging.  As such, we only use our standard packaging for our stock private label line.


Are there any packaging options?
Ask your account representative for details.


Will you make labels for my other non-brandMD products?
We only make labels for brandMD products.


Can you help me design my label?
Our in-house design team is happy to provide you with the assistance you need to create a beautiful design.


What colors can I use on my labels?
We use a printing process that will allow us to use almost any color, with the exception of metallics. We can use photographs or colorful logos. You can specify up to 10 Pantone spot colors if they are used in your existing logo, and we will create the closest match possible.


Does the product ship with labels already applied?
Yes. All you need to do is price them and put them on your shelves.


Can I change the names of the products?
Yes, you can. This is one of the most wonderful things about our labeling process, as it allows you to create names that tie in with your own environment and services.


Can I change the product descriptions on the products?
Yes, you can. This is beneficial when you change the product names as well, creating a completely unique product that your customers can only buy from you!

What kinds of designs work best on your labels?
Labels with good contrast of dark/light colors and a fair amount of white space will have the cleanest, crispest result. Heavy, dark ink coverage or tone on tone designs may not reproduce as well. Overall, simpler is better, and tends to have better shelf appeal. Our graphics requirements document will give you or your designer very detailed information on label design.