brandMD® leadership and experience with private label services helps physicians and medical professionals with:

Brand building

The opportunity to build and market their names and business entities with branded, customized packaging and product names

Brand validity

The prospect of improved credibility and prestige associated with using and prescribing results-based, high performance products

Increased exposure and enhanced profile

The advantage of increased visibility resulting from distributing self-branded products

Increased and improved business

The assurance of increased and repeat patient visits for consultations, treatments and/or product purchases

Increased profits and revenue

The opportunity for increased resulting from recommending and prescribing reliable, self-branded, customized products for patient concerns, treatments and long term maintenance (by selling 1 anti-aging regimen to 10% of patient base, you can double office income)

Increased patient loyalty

The benefit of patient loyalty based on satisfaction with highly effective products; as well as new patient referrals (word-of-mouth testimonials) similarly based on product effectiveness