San Fernando Valley Business Journal article on Samuel Raoof CEO of brandMD Private Label Skin Care & Neutraderm, Inc.

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San Fernando Valley Business Journal article on Samuel Raoof CEO of brandMD Private Label Skin Care & Neutraderm, Inc.

San Fernando Valley Business Journal article on Samuel Raoof CEO of brandMD Private Label Skin Care & Neutraderm, Inc.


brandMD Private Label Skin Care & Neutraderm to Launch New Beauty Products

EXPANSION: Chatsworth firm rolling out five-step daily skin care regimen line.

If you ask Samuel Raoof, beauty really is skin-deep — and then some.

As president and CEO of Neutraderm Inc., a technology-based skin care manufacturer in Chatsworth, Raoof manufactures products for high-end beauty stores, as well as producing his own physician-dispensed private label skin care line, brandMD.

Both divisions are expanding this summer, he said, with 12 new projects completed in July. Neutraderm is hiring additional sales representatives and producing new products for high-end beauty supply stores that now include Sephora, as well as television retail giant QVC.

BrandMD is increasing its sales team from four to 15 representatives and is expanding into new territories across the country: Chicago, Las Vegas, New York, Florida, Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, Northern and Southern California, Louisiana and Washington, D.C.

At the same time, brandMD is preparing to launch new products, including a five-step daily skin care regimen that offers an age defense kit and an acne defense product line.

“Many people have acne or acne scars, or they want to stabilize the aging process,”

Raoof said. “We’re going to offer a solution to these common problems.”

The methodology, he said, is based on new technology that “works from the inside out. Our highly concentrated formulations work deep within the layers of the skin to not only reduce the signs of aging on the surface of the skin, but to target the source deep within the skin and produce lasting results.”

When formulating a new product, Raoof factors in all the issues that can cause a particular skin problem, rather than targeting an individual trigger or the most common culprit. For example, he said, dark circles under the eyes may be caused by heredity, smoking, lack of sleep or a combination.

“There are five or six synergistic ways to address the issue, so we take different pathways to increase circulation,” he said. “For one person that might be overkill, but it may be perfect for another person with that problem. We believe that a combination of active ingredients, not just one active, truly gives the best results for improving skin in a short period of time,” he said.

Neutraderm, which has been in business since 2003, has a 35,000-square-foot FDA licensed facility for OTC drug manufacturing. The brandMD Private Label line also is manufactured there. BrandMD offers physicians the option of private labeling for products with the physician’s name or with the pre-existing brandMD label.

Neutraderm’s custom manufacturing capabilities include: personal care products and medical grade skincare products available exclusively to medical professionals; drug manufacturing (including retinoic acid and other prescription drugs); bath and body products with or without fragrances and colors, including shampoo, conditioner, bath soap, and facial and body cleansers; makeup items with the option of adding shimmer or glitter (foundation, eye liner and pencils, lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner pencils, nail polish and makeup remover); wipes and towelettes, and infant and child care products that can be manufactured with hypoallergenic properties.

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